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Jesus Christ is Lord, and the Lord's law is written on the heart

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Reported as Words on lordslaw.com

[The following messages and numerous others came as thoughts during prayer and meditation. I believe they were given by YHWH. Some were intended for my benefit, some for the body of Jesus Christ at large. For many years, I just recorded them as I received them and shared them only privately, but now I am under a burden to share them publicly. They are reported with the date on which I received them and are arranged according to that date. As they appear under the heading "Words" on the home page at this web site, they have been added to this page with the date of their publication in brackets. Whether you consider them prophecies or prophetic, if you agree that these are from YHWH, you will want to meditate on them and what you should do in response. And if you want to know more about this experience, read Hearing God: YHWH Still Speaks. David Eckman]
•   If you desire the things of the world, you become a slave of the world. 25.Jan.1984 [16.Jan.2007]

•   You are walking under the shelter of my wing. 25.Jan.1984 [17.Jan.2010]

•   One cannot say, "I have faith" and have it. One must live it to have it. 5.Mar.1984 [5.Feb.2007]

•   All victory is mine, David, no matter what the circumstances. 2.Dec.1988 [11.Jul.1999 in Spiritual Warfare Basics]

•   The Lord never loses, and the devil never wins. 7.Dec.1988 [11.Jul.1999 in Spiritual Warfare Basics]

•   How quickly do the people who call themselves Christians drop the mantle I have provided for them. How easily they return to the pit from which I brought them. How facile their jumps between professing love for me and doing the bidding of their flesh. 25.Mar.1992 [9.Sep.2007]

•   I am glorified when my name is lifted up. I will give opportunities to glorify me according to the glory I receive. Not all glory is mine, David; much of it is taken by men. Those who set up meetings to pretend they glorify me and then seize the glory to themselves heap only shame on their heads. Those who neglect to glorify me and lift up my name see only darkness. My joy fills all who uphold my holy name and praise me in the marketplace. I cannot be one with any who withdraw from me. All who desire my power in their lives must first desire me and my rule. Any who desires me must come to me as I am. 22.Feb.1996 [17.Feb.2008]

•   You are to rebuke all evil-doers, false prophets and false teachers. Those who seek to enrich and promote themselves, no matter how much they say of me, are false prophets and teachers. It is not sin to attack their teaching. 29.Aug.1996 [5.Apr.2009]

•   It is better to do the righteous thing in order to please me, even though the heart is not in it, than to do the thing because the heart wants to do it. 26.Jan.2003 [1.Jun.2008]

•   You have heard it said, "You must love yourself before you can love others." But I say to you, you already love yourself enough. Loving others means giving of yourself with no thought of return, not even an expression of gratitude or appreciation. It means caring about the welfare of others, whether you like them or not. 14.Aug.2003 [29.Jan.2007]

•   It's not your success that matters, but mine. Whatever you do in me succeeds, whether you see it or not. Whatever you do in the flesh fails, whether you see it or not. There is but one measure for success: mine. 1.Sep.2003 [13.Apr.2008]

•   I have given you of my Spirit that you would serve me and live in my kingdom forever. 9.Sep.2003 [16.Sep.2007]

•   Days are coming when my spirit will cover the earth and all will know me, from the tops of the mountains to the deepest valleys. But there is much work to do before then. My people must carry me in their hearts and lives, even as their breath. There must be no more fighting and bickering among my people. Those who know me shall be as one man, proclaiming who I am and whose they are. They shall declare there is none other who can save. My name shall be on their lips, and they shall know that I and only I make whole and redeem. I am. 10.Sep.2003 [1.Feb.2009]

•   Call me YHWH or Yahweh or Jesus or Yahshua or Yeshua. Remember that my name means "I am". All that is, I am and more. I am more vast than you can understand. You touch with your hands, see with your eyes, hear with your ears. You only know the world around you. I am all that and more. Reality reaches farther than any of your senses or thoughts can comprehend. But you cannot know it, except in me. 24.Sep.2003 [31.Aug.2008]

•   David, righteousness is its own reward. It flows from the heart and nourishes all around. Do not marvel that I send an adversary and evil spirits. I am the source of all being. But I am most pleased by those who seek me and accept what I decree. And I am displeased by those who seek their own way. The adversary and adversity both strengthen and weaken. They strengthen those who walk in righteousness and weaken those who choose darkness. [This followed meditation on Num. 22:22 and 1 Sam. 16:23.] 25.Sep.2003 [4.Apr.2007]

•   The following came during meditation on Hos. 4:6: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge": Add understanding and wisdom to that. My wisdom is upon the face of the earth. All of it. One has only to perceive. But not all are able. If a man will not, he will not. I give my knowledge and wisdom to those who truly seek it. Those who seek only to fatten their own place must wallow in darkness. I am the one who enlightens and retrieves. He who has knowledge without understanding is like a child who sees the stars but does not know what they are. I am the one who enlightens and retrieves, who enjoys those who love me and seek me. I am the one who lives, the only true God, creator of all that is. 30.Dec.2003 [20.Apr.2008]

•   I am with you always, in the midst of darkness and storm, in the midst of adversity and sorrow. Wherever and whenever you go, there I am. There is none can harm you, for I am. My word is before you and behind you. Walk in it and know me. In this you will prevail. (undated, probably c2004) [3.Aug.2008]

•   There is no unity without me. There can be no unity unless I am supreme. Man's unity must be imposed or is bought by compromise. My unity builds from within, the work of hearts consecrated to me. 3.Jan.2004 [14.Feb.2007]

•   I love my children. I would not have them suffer for nought. I am with you always. Keep your eyes on me and ignore the storm. It is well. 3.Feb.2004 [7.May.2012]

•   The spiritual life is not easy. The life of a godly man is even less so. 13.Feb.2004 [28.Mar.2007]

•   Only the strong can accept the truth. Not all want the truth. Only those who truly seek me will accept it. Those who desire it are far fewer. 7.May.2004 [11.Apr.2007]

•   This is what it means to live in Jesus, that you show forth all of me in you, wherever you are, whatever you do, that I may be glorified in you. 7.May.2004 [21.Feb.2007]

•   When you see treachery, sorcery, lying and deceit, jealousy, bitterness, bickering and anger, false witness, murder, terror and mayhem, theft and self-- self-indulgence, self-promotion, self-reliance, selfishness and all manner of self-centeredness-- know that you are seeing the world at work. When you see true charity, unselfish giving, care and concern for others' feelings, as well as their physical welfare, you see me. When you see an enemy blessed and not cursed, when you see love abounding without condition or expectation of return-- in any form-- you see me. When you see Jesus lifted up, you see me. And when you see me, there you will find peace, flowing like a river to all who will drink it and be carried along in its gentle currents. Where I am, peace abounds. 16.May.2004 [24.Apr.2011]

•   People are my treasure. The best blessings I give you are other people, because as you minister to them, you bless me. 18.Jun.2004 [23.Sep.2007]

•   My peace is available to all but received by few. It has only to be received. 26.Aug.2004 [7.Oct.2007]

•   All men sin. Not all ask forgiveness when they do sin. 28.Sep.2004 [1.Sep.2007]

•   Those who seek their own glory favor anyone who enriches them. The one who loves as Jesus loves cannot be bought. 7.Oct.2004 [16.Mar.2007]

•   People stumble over the difficult passages of scripture, seeking to know their meaning, because they do not want to live the passages they do know. 10.Oct.2004 [7.Mar.2007]

•   Rejoice and be glad. Your king is among you and within some of you. Therefore, rejoice and lift up your hearts, for the Lord is with you and will not forsake you if you put your trust in him. 24.Oct.2004 [27.Apr.2008]

•   Evil comes in many forms. Not all are easy to recognize. Those that are pleasing to the eye or sweet to taste often bear the worst consequences. So it is with man's glory. All too quickly it passes, but what destruction it leaves in its wake. 28.Oct.2004 [22.Jan.2007]

•   If my words intimidate any, let them seek me. But let them know the living God is among them. You shall not stop but persevere. 21.Nov.2004 [24.Aug.2008]

•   Many are those who seek a sign. Few are those who seek me and my word. 28.Nov.2004 [26.Aug.2007]

•   To revere man is idolatry. Even claiming, even using the title "Reverend" promotes idolatry. My people must lay aside all forms of idol worship and seek me alone. I have no place in the hearts of those who idolize or worship any person or any thing. But I live in those who fear and worship me alone. 5.Feb.2005 [21.Jul.2007]

•   Having permission to do something is not the same as obeying a command to do something. Just because I permit someone to do something or not do it does not make that my will, does not mean it pleases me. 5.Feb.2005 [28.Jul.2007]

•   Those who love their sin do not want to hear rebukes. They persist in reading my word such that they may continue in sin. 12.Mar.2005 [14.Jul.2007]

•   The wounds people inflict on others often last far longer than the memory of having inflicted them. 23.Mar.2005 [23.May.2007]

•   It is not how much you know but how you live that matters to me. Even a little knowledge goes a long way in a man whose heart is right before me. 4.May.2005 [28.Feb.2007]

•   When a man closes his heart, he closes his eyes and ears at the same time. He is blinded by his prejudice, his own opinion of what is right. But I am the one who declares what is right, and I reveal it to those who truly belong to me and desire not merely to know but to do what pleases me. 14.Jun.2005 [21.Mar.2007]

•   When men dwell upon inconsistencies and seeming contradictions in the Scriptures, it is evidence of their rebellion. 14.Aug.2005 [26.Apr.2007]

•   Wisdom is its own reward. 2.Nov.2005 [20.Jun.2007]

•   Do not underestimate the power of love [agape] to unite and the power of evil to divide. When people come together out of love, they unite. Any other reason soon divides them. They need no organizations to be truly one. My Spirit guides and directs them when they seek me and my will. 2.Nov.2005 [9.May.2007]

•   Evil is born of man's self-centeredness. Love is born of me. 2.Nov.2005 [16.May.2007]

•   Prophets are not heros. They are despised by all but those who love them naturally and those who love me and my word. Not all revered as prophets are; only those whom I approve are true prophets. Prophets speak my word. 26.Dec.2005 [30.May.2007]

•   As long as and to the extent that church organizations and structures are supported, my kingdom is diminished. I did not intend these things, nor do they please me. But I use them until the true temple is restored, the temple of my body, the temple made of living stones. That temple will only be restored when my people accept responsibility to fulfill my call on their lives, each one becoming what I have called them to be and doing what I called them to do, according to my will for each of them. 5.Apr.2006 [18.Aug.2007]

•   You have my Spirit. 16.Apr.2006 [5.Oct.2008]

[The preceding word was YHWH's response to my mind's raising a question about his protecting Christians as he promised to protect the Jews in Zech 8:13 & 9:15. As I've meditated on it several times since then, YHWH has informed me that we have not experienced what living in the Spirit means. We have barely tasted all the Holy Spirit would do through us. His Spirit arms, shields and protects us-- but only as he wills. 18.Apr.2006]

•   Wherever you are, whatever you do, be mindful you are the Church: at home, in your jobs, businesses, trades and professions, in meetings, in the market. How well you do will reflect how well you restore my Church. 3.May.2006 [6.Jun.2007]

•   Those who have been born again through Jesus Christ have been ordained to do my work. 5.Jun.2006 [19.Apr.2007]

•   Those whose hearts belong to me don't promote sin. They do not justify sin. Just because man is able to sin and desires to sin does not permit it. I have given man the freedom to choose, but I do not approve all choices. I expect men to choose what pleases me, not what pleases and gratifies themselves. 22.Oct.2006 [2.May.2007]

•   I want my people to live in holiness and righteousness all the time, not merely when it suits them or when others can see them. I have not called people to live in Jesus so that they can pursue their worldly ways. I have called them to emanate the glory that resides in them through Jesus. My name must be on their lips and in their hearts and minds to remind them who I am and whose they are. 23.Feb.2007 [28.Jun.2007]

•   Any who would judge what I do or do not do are not fit for my kingdom. I give to whom I will. And I take from whom I will. I honor those who seek to serve and please me, even though imperfectly or incorrectly. Those who fall away because I do not do what they expect or want hurt only themselves. I do what I choose and am bound by no man. Those who give up possessions but not by my will honor me, but they must expect nothing in return. I give according to my will. That is a hard lesson, but it is the work of faithfulness. 3.Mar.2007 [8.Jun.2008]

•   You cannot make a lie true by salting it with truth. It remains a lie. 20.Apr.2007 [7.Jul.2007]

•   My people are known by their behavior-- their spoken words, their acts and their refraining from acting. Righteous behavior honors and glorifies me, whether anyone else sees it or knows about it. Unrighteous behavior blasphemes. 20.Apr.2007 [4.Aug.2007]

•   My word is for my people, according to their needs. My word is given to guide, direct and instruct them, to keep them in the way, on the straight path. I do not give it for entertainment or idleness, for casual pleasure, but that it may enlighten, encourage, correct and lead. Those who desire to follow me will receive and heed it. 2.May.2007 [30.Sep.2007]

•   All men sin. Those who claim they do not sin deny me and my word. They reflect a perversity of spirit and arrogance that does not please me. 26.Jun.2007 [12.Aug.2007]

•   All church organizations stifle; all inhibit. It is inherent in the organization to prevent real growth and maturity among my people. That some rise above and become true ministers to me owes to their desire and perseverance. But while they remain committed to the organization, they sacrifice their opportunity to serve me fully, because organizations consume all the time, energy and money that anyone can give them. The good they do does not begin to rival the good that their members could do if fully committed to me. 19.Jul.2007 [12.Oct.2008]

•   When I give permission to do something that is not my will, I do not hold it against the person who does it, but they must live with the consequences. You see this many times when people seek relief from their situation. Too often, their own choices and decisions brought them where they are. 22.Aug.2007 [11.Nov.2007]

•   I have nothing to do with false religions, and they have nothing to do with me. Those who foster and pursue such religions sprinkle truth among their lies to deceive the ignorant. They use violence and threats to keep people in bondage. They pretend to worship me, but they worship their own creations. What they worship has no power or strength without their lies, their violence and their threats. 8.Oct.2007 [15.Jun.2008]

•   Any belief that depends on violence or threats is false, and religions that promote such beliefs are false. 8.Oct.2007 [24.Jun.2008]

•   The evil in men's hearts runs deep, but not so deep that I cannot purge it if they are willing. 8.Oct.2007 [29.Jun.2008]

•   My healing is a gift, not a right. I give it to whom I will, when I will, where I will and in the way I will. But there are some who receive my healing and do not know it, some who do not give thanks, and some who do not tell others. Am I glorified? 9.Oct.2007 [10.Aug.2008]

•   Some have my Spirit in abundance; some only a little. I give my Spirit without measure, but some receive only a little. They receive according to the measure of their desire for me, their desire for my word, their willingness to live according to my will, their willingness to accept what I decree without judging it by their own futile and puny standards. 13.Oct.2007 [19.Oct.2008]

•   Anyone who truly seeks to know me can. People who do not know me are not truly lost. They are displaced and deceived. I know where they are even if they don't. 29.Oct.2007 [11.Feb.2008]

•   How much better if my people live the life I called them to live, the life of Jesus. How much better if my people serve me rather than their appetites. How much better if my people show forth my glory and not their own. How much better if I am lifted up to draw all men to me. 30.Oct.2007 [24.Feb.2008]

•   People who profess belief in me but deny Jesus and my word place themselves outside the body. I do not do it, nor do others. They do it to themselves. They are not one with the faithful nor part of the Church. They are neither brother nor sister to you. They are not members of my family. Do not shun such people but do not heed them. Treat them as deceived and ignorant, childlike and rebellious, but love them for my sake. 10.Nov.2007 [6.Apr.2008]

•   I am hard, but I am gentle. I require much, but I also forgive much. 5.Dec.2007 [17.Aug.2008]

•   Destruction is never victorious. It merely signifies an end. True victory is in me. I build and I create; I restore and refresh; I lift up and I strengthen. When I destroy, I have reasons none may know but my chosen. But my victory is not displayed in destruction. It is displayed in the hearts, minds, lives and deeds of those who live in me. 17.Jan.2008 [26.Oct.2008]

•   The seal is given to those in Jesus, so that they live in Jesus. [Received as I meditated on Rev. 9:4] 1.Mar.2008 [8.Dec.2008]

•   The false witness speaks the words but his life denies the message. 25.Mar.2008 [14.Dec.2008]

•   When people are devoted to me, they no longer squabble. They serve me and not their own ends. They do not quibble but seek the truth and seek to live by it. They are not greedy, nor do they seek power. Humility shines forth and goes before them in all they do and say. 28.Jun.2008 [21.Dec.2008]

•   The enemy, the adversary, is every influence that separates people from me. The influence may come from within them or outside them, but it has the same effect-- keeping them from me. 31.Jul.2008 [28.Dec.2008]

•   Those who seek to discount what is written in the Bible also discount my authority in their lives. They have no desire to be ruled by me, so they are ruled by others and by their own passions. Their lives are out of order because they reject the only order that matters. Not understanding and therefore rejecting what they do not understand, they wander blindly. These are lives not worth living. 20.Oct.2008 [8.Feb.2009]

•   Worship is praise; it is thanksgiving; it is placing one's self in proper position before me. It is the gift a man gives himself at the beginning of the day and at its end. Worship draws people to me, whether alone or in groups. It feeds the soul. You worship when you read the Bible and reflect on what you read. You worship when you pray and listen to me. You worship when you gather in my name. Worship is living the new life I give. 4.Feb.2009 [15.Feb.2009]

•   The Church is the people devoted to me through Jesus Christ. Whatever builds them up restores the Church. These restore my Church: being born from above, receiving the Holy Spirit, gathering for true fellowship, worship, prayer, Bible study, meditation on me and my word. Declaring and doing the good news restores my Church. 4.Feb.2009 [22.Feb.2009]

•   I sustain all that is. Nothing exists without me. I do not need fire to destroy it. I merely undo what you see, and it is undone. It ceases to exist. Those who do not know this cannot comprehend who I am. They cannot appreciate my power. They live in darkness. 27.Feb.2009 [7.Jun.2009]

•   My return is a process, ongoing in every man's life. It will not happen in one day but many. It will not happen in one place but many. It will be as the sun rising in the morning, for the sun never ceases to shine. Even so, I am present always, but men do not always see me or seek me. My wisdom is present always, my gifts are present always, my Spirit is present always. If men would but receive. [Received after asking about Luke 17:20-37, what was literal and what was figurative.] 25.Feb.2009 [12.Apr.2009]

•   If you would suffer death for me, suffer inconvenience for me. 20.Apr.2009 [26.Apr.2009]

•   When people focus on me, divisions cease. 28.Oct.2009 [20.Dec.2009]

•   I open blind eyes, blind hearts, blind minds. I open my word to those who want to know it. If any come to me, they must come to me as I am, not as they want me to be. 4.Dec.2009 [4.Jan.2010]

•   Desire justifies nothing. It motivates but does not excuse. How men choose to respond determines their righteousness. I have given desire that man may spread upon the earth, not that it should become his god. 5.Aug.2010 [8.Aug.2010]

•   Prayer ministry is not the result of man's effort. It is a function of the heart. You do not recruit prayer ministers; you discover them. Prayer ministry results from my work in a man's heart and life, from intimate knowledge of me. Without me, true prayer ministry does not exist. 30.Sep.2010 [6.Mar.2011]

•   Men will serve a fantasy when they are deceived. Out of ignorance, they may believe they serve me. You must not condemn them; you must try to inform them. 12.Nov.2010 [13.Mar.2011]

•   Evil is of man. It rejects what I desire. It often mixes with good and hence is masked and hidden. But like rot in an apple, it eventually destroys all that it touches. 19.Jan.2011 [20.Mar.2011]

•   A tree that is stunted, deprived of the food and water and sunlight that it needs to flourish-- this is my people bound in church organizations-- stunted and stifled. The fruit they produce pales into insignificance before the fruit they could produce if free and encouraged to grow strong and serve me in the Spirit. 14.Mar.2011 [10.Apr.2011]

•   The prophet's duty is to speak my word for encouragement, for correction, to remind who I am and what I desire. Only occasionally does he foretell what is coming, and often that is veiled; but what I desire, that he speaks clearly. 14.Mar.2011 [17.Apr.2011]

•   Even a small service performed out of devotion to me is great in my kingdom. 26.Jun.2011 [6.Feb.2012]

•   The fruit is what you do for me and in my name. [When I told YHWH I wanted to bear more fruit, while meditating on John 15:8] 8.Dec.2011 [13.Feb.2012]

•   People who enjoy me please me. When they enjoy what I enjoy, they delight me. I enjoy communing with them. I enjoy their charity, honesty, justice, care for one another and my creation. I enjoy true worship and obedience. I enjoy faithfulness. And these are just a few of the things I enjoy. [Received as I meditated on Psalm 8 and why YHWH bothers with us at all] 10.Dec.2011 [20.Feb.2012]

•   How little people know of me, and how little they care. I reveal myself to whom I will, and I speak to whom I will. But only those willing to hear and obey receive. I am one, and those who truly want me are invited and received at my table. You cannot desire part of me and receive all. Life in me, life in Jesus, life in my Holy Spirit extends to all who will come to me as I am. [As I meditated on how people have heard YHWH in the past and on Jesus' last words in John and Luke.] 13.Dec.2011 [27.Feb.2012]

•   Jesus separates people from love of this life to love the life to come. 13.May.2012 [1.Jan.2013]

•   Organizations stifle my work. They take precedence and subordinate what I will. They substitute human procedures and decisions for listening to me and seeking my will. They are not inherently evil, but they serve evil by supplanting my guidance and direction with that of those who govern and drive the organization. 27.Aug.2012 [7.Jan.2013]

•   Someone who believes into Jesus seeks my will when making decisions. 4.Oct.2012 [15.Jan.2013]

•   Men of compassion should not know the future, what I have in store for those who turn away and reject me. They could not bear it. Therefore, you shall know little of the future. 1.Apr.2013 [3.Jun.2013]

•   Even the smallest service reaps great rewards when done faithfully. 3.Jun.2013 [10.Jun.2013]

•   It matters not how much you've done but how faithfully you did what I gave you to do. 3.Jun.2013 [17.Jun.2013]

•   Watch the birds that fly about, seeking food, a place to nest. See the cattle grazing, moving from place to place to feed. All they know is what you see with your eyes. Of all the creatures on your planet, man alone has the gift to know me, to understand what he sees and what is beyond, what is behind and beneath what he sees. Do you think I gave man this gift to do no more with it than exist as the birds and cattle do? Did Jesus die for nothing more than this? 1.Jul.2013 [26.Oct.2015]

•   A contented man hears me better than a man who is not satisfied with his life or what he has. Desire for the worldly and things of the flesh interferes with hearing me. When a man separates from these, he hears me most clearly. 11.Jul.2013 [22.Jul.2013]

•   Being humble means you see yourself as you are. You do not seek to elevate yourself above others, claim more than you are or denigrate others. You are honest and accept my will for you. You accept praise without puffing up and enjoy others' appreciation gratefully. Pretense is abhorrent to you, as is boasting. You know that your accomplishments and abilities are mine. 17.Aug.2013 [2.Dec.2013]

•   Days are coming when the priests and pastors and all who claim to shepherd my people will be cast out. Just like the Jewish priesthood, they have abused their function, usurped my authority and lead my people astray. As my people grow in knowledge and experience the work of my Holy Spirit, they will cast off human authority and rule in favor of mine. 2.Apr.2014 [4.Aug.2014]

•   A message for all who turn from me to pursue the world-- Does a bear walk in the woods for no reason? Does the antelope run for exercise? Does the bird fly because it is bored? Do you think that I am idle and ignore your idolatries? Have I decreed and made to happen for no purpose? Beware the idleness of your mind, the loathing of your spirit. I am, and you will know it when I act to proclaim my name and my righteousness. 27.May.2014 [14.Aug.2014]

•   Wherever you are, I am. [Received during worship at St. John the Divine. YHWH made clear that he is everywhere, regardless of whether we know or accept it.] 1.Jun.2014 [21.Aug.2014]

•   The prophet does not know the future. He merely declares the message that I give him. 24.Jun.2014 (6.Oct.2014)

•   What men value and praise passes with the wind. What I value and praise remains. 24.Jun.2014 (13.Oct.2014)

•   You bless me with your thanks; you bless me with your obedience. Blessings come in many forms. For me, your devotion, commitment and service are also blessings. I enjoy these things in my people, those who truly accept me as their God, as I am. [After reading about Balaam's blessing the children of Israel (Num. 23 & 24), I thought about blessing YHWH and began saying, "I bless you, Lord" and thanking him. Then I stopped and wondered if I was actually blessing him, since I wasn't really sure what it meant to bless him. This word entered my mind in answer to my wondering] 1.Jul.2015 (6.Jul.2015)

•   I do not measure as man does. I measure by the devotion of the heart. Therefore, the person who seems to accomplish little for my kingdom may actually earn more than the one who does much. 20.Oct.2015

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*YHWH or YHVH is the English representation of the four Hebrew letters that spell the name of the God of the Bible, the one true, living God worshipped by Jews and Christians. YHWH was the name by which he identified himself to Moses in Ex. 3:14. According to references that I've read, the exact pronunciation of YHWH's name was lost in antiquity. After much study, I prefer to pronounce the name "Yahu-wah" (the "h" being aspirated as in "hay", emphasis on the last syllable), but the generally accepted pronounciation in common English is "Yah-weh" or "Yah-way". Some translations of the Bible, such as the KJV and NASB, substitute "the LORD" for his name, following a practice begun before Jesus' birth.

YHWH revealed himself in various ways to the children of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament. He also revealed himself in and through his son Jesus Christ and acts, among other ways, in and through Christians by the Holy Spirit. Because the word "God" is being used today to designate all kinds of human inventions, although accepted for centuries in English as a name for YHWH, I prefer to use the name that YHWH chose for himself rather than "God" or "the LORD" as I did in early versions of my writings. Please read The Name of the One True, Living God for a fuller discussion.

Remember who He is and whose you are

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