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Insights, Wisdom and Reflections

Offered to the body of Jesus Christ 2007-15
by David W. Eckman at lordslaw.com

[The following insights, reflections, and aphorisms came as I meditated on some portion of the Bible, or on a word or message that I believe YHWH* has given me, or on some situation or other matter that concerned me. Until recently, I just recorded them as I received them and shared them only privately, but now I am under a burden to share them publicly. As they are reported under Wisdom for the week on the home page at this web site (in odd-numbered months), I add them to this page with the date of their publication in brackets. They are arranged in order according to the dates when they were recorded. At least some reflect wisdom, knowledge or understanding that YHWH gave me, but I did not record the actual words that I received. In early records, I have changed "the Lord" to "YHWH", consistent with my having learned the importance of using his name. David Eckman]

•   A body whose parts are directed from any place but the head is out of control, in disorder. There can only be order in his body when Jesus alone governs. 18.Aug.1987 [25.Nov.2007]

•   No one is a failure who knows Jesus, and no one is a success who does not know Jesus. Everyone who knows Jesus is a success. 25.Oct.1988 [9.Dec.2007]

•   He who leads in service is a true leader. Unless we lead in building and rebuilding the temple of Jesus' body, we all suffer. 1.Mar.1990 [2.Dec.2007]

•   Wherever we go, there is a spiritual war. And we cannot avoid it by trying to stay neutral. We can do so no more than Belgium and the Netherlands could avoid Nazi invasion and terror by declaring themselves neutral in World War II. 21.Mar.1992 [29.Aug.2010]

•   Wake up, Christian! The war is around you and in you. It is spiritual, but still war and, for those not prepared, just as devastating. Like the Nazis, the enemy seeks to kill, steal and destroy all those in his way. You are his target, whether you want to be or not. You have no choice. 21.Mar.1992 [5.Sep.2010]

•   Evil cannot flourish, cannot even exist where there is wholeness. The devil needs an opening to do its work, and if a person is whole, there are no openings to allow the filth, evil and fear of the devil's toolbox to enter. 10.Dec.1992 [16.Dec.2007]

•   The battle is one for our mind. Satan seeks control over it. YHWH seeks submission and obedience from within it. We must be single-minded: all in Jesus, not double-minded, tossed about by the enemy's lies. 7.Feb.1993 [24.Dec.2007]

•   Anyone who tells people that, or treats them as if, they cannot do YHWH's work or pray for themselves or renounce and overcome Satan's power by themselves (through the power in Jesus) is a liar and false teacher. 7.Feb.1993 [30.Dec.2007]

•   Jesus came to set us free-- body, soul and spirit, but we must choose freedom over bondage, healing over sickness, wholeness over brokenness, life in him over life in the world. We must follow him, wherever he leads, rather than pursue the seductions of the world. 7.Feb.1993 [6.Jan.2008]

•   We cannot blame the devil for our own misconduct. Satan merely tempts. We choose to stray. We decide who or what will reign in our lives. 7.Feb.1993 [2.Mar.2008]

•   "Pastors" who encourage dependence on themselves are false teachers and prophets. The dependence can take many forms-- needing the preacher to "feed" the person, or to teach and explain scriptures, or to pray for or direct the spiritual growth and development. YHWH does not command obedience to those who lead, nor dependence on them. 7.Feb.1993 [1.Mar.2009]

•   A key ingredient to freedom is accepting responsibility for our own lives, not expecting others to do for us or blaming others. We must want to be whole and then seek it.The pattern should not be sin, confess, sin, confess, etc., because eventually "I give up" follows. The Lord's pattern is sin, confess, resist. 7.Feb.1993 [8.Mar.2009]

•   John Wesley wrote: "We know no gospel without salvation from sin." Meditating on this, I asked YHWH, "What is sin?" The answer jumped into my mind: Defilement and disobedience, having in mind things of YHWH-- defilement that leads to bondage to Satan and a carnal world, disobedience that rejects YHWH's kingship. I also asked, "What is salvation?" The thought came: Deliverance and healing unto holiness. 10.May.1995 [20.Jan.2008]

•   As I am reflecting on Heb 2:14, having wondered about Satan as a spirit in each of us, I begin to see that maybe YHWH was in my musings: Death is of the devil, 'satan' is that in each of us that would deceive and lead us to death. Having been put to death as a man, Jesus consumed that power of death and made it powerless for all who receive new life in him. Ironically, the more we seek of this life, the more we are led to death. The more we seek of Jesus, the more we are led to life, zoe, abundant life. 22.Feb.1996 [7.Sep.2008]

•   All gifts are given to show who YHWH is and whose we are. 1.Oct.1996 [9.Mar.2008]

•   As children of YHWH, we are valued not for who we are but for whose we are. One of the frequent words I receive from YHWH is an encouragement to take a particular action or forbear from something "because of who I am and whose you are." 1.Feb.1997 [4.Nov.2007]

•   When you have been wounded or hurt, beware lest you react or respond without considering your own part in the matter. Self-righteousness deludes us into condemning and rejecting someone who has said or done something that offended or hurt us. It prevents any consideration of what may have been going on in the other person. It prevents any consideration of what was said or done to make the other person speak or act as that person did. 24.Feb.1997 [16.Mar.2008]

•   Self-righteousness feels wounded and hurt and angry and therefore justified in passing judgment on the other person. It utterly fails to see an opportunity to minister to the other person with the same love and compassion that led Jesus to ask from the cross, "Father, forgive them; they don't know what they are doing." 24.Feb.1997 [28.Sep.2008]

•   We can sense the progress of our healing when we quickly recognize our own self-righteousness. And we can rejoice in our healing when we do not receive someone else's words or acts as wounding us anew or opening old wounds, but instead we consider what we did or said and, even more, turn to YHWH to guide, instruct and direct us in ministering to the other person. 24.Feb.1997 [23.Mar.2008]

•   Prayer is food to the soul. 15.Oct.1997 [27.Jan.2008]

•   Humility is the proper position for prayer, and humility is a condition of the heart. 15.Oct.1997 [28.Oct.2007]

•   In the Old Testament, YHWH spoke most often to Israel as a nation. In the New Testament and the time since Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit, he speaks to men as individuals and members of his body. 4.Jan.1998 [5.May.2008]

•   True class is not demonstrated by wealth, breeding, family background or history, nor by power or prestige. It is demonstrated by the way a person behaves under different circumstances. 16.Jul.1998 [13.Jul.2008]

•   Characteristics of low class behavior include selfishness, dishonesty, sexual promiscuity, greed for more when one has enough, racial and other prejudice, discourtesy, arrogance, and abuse of others. 16.Jul.1998 [20.Jul.2008]

•   Characteristics of high class behavior include generosity even when in need, honesty, gentleness, viewing and treating everyone else as an individual, courtesy, humility, integrity even when faced with harm, loving others as much as oneself. 16.Jul.1998 [27.Jul.1998]

•   Those who are weak in faith try to get others to share their beliefs in hope that will confirm their validity. Those strong in faith don't care who agrees. 8.May.2001 [21.Oct.2007]

•   A man who leaves the ways of YHWH to taste the ways of the world is like the little gray field mouse that leaves the shelter of rocks to forage while the eagle flies overhead. 12.May.2001 [15.Mar.2009]

•   Children raised to put others before themselves are a treasure and blessing to all; but children allowed to indulge themselves are a curse to themselves and others. 18.Jul.2001 [22.Mar.2009]

•   The world is slow to forgive and seldom rewards; a person's good deeds often fade when a bad one follows. But YHWH is slow to condemn and always rewards; good deeds accumulate while many bad ones are forgiven. 24.Jul.2001 [3.May.2009]

•   Preaching the love of YHWH without the judgment that wants forgiveness is like rice pudding without salt: Even with added flavoring it tastes flat. 24.Jul.2001 [10.May.2009]

•   True worship is acknowledging YHWH as master, lord, and king, with full authority over us; doing it from the innermost part of our being, our spirit, as a recognition of what is true and that to which we are commited, even to death (Rev. 12:11); giving thanks for who he is, what he does, and his lovingkindness; and rejoicing, expressing gladness. [Reflection on John 4:23-24 that I recorded in my Bible] c2002 [12.Jul.2009]

•   Even though many claim YHWH as their king, yet they still serve worldly gods. [A reflection on Jer. 5:19] 17.Jan.2003 [14.Sep.2010]

•   We are the house called by YHWH's name, but we are not separated from the world's ways as he wants. [a reflection on Jer. 7:8-19] 20.Jan.2003 [26.Aug.2012]

•   YHWH's wrath is the fire that removes dross (sin) from his people. The Holy Spirit is the fire in those born of the Spirit who seek to please him. 1.Mar.2003 [17.May.2009]

•   Holiness requires obedience to YHWH. They are one. [A reflection on Lev. 20] 13.Jun.2003 [24.Apr.2012]

•   In the world, one mistake or failure wipes out a thousand good deeds, but in the kingdom of YHWH, those reborn through Jesus Christ, one righteous act wipes out a thousand mistakes or failures. 25.Sep.2003 [8.Apr.2012]

•   YHWH rejects shallow worship. He wants what comes from the consecrated heart, not the clever mind. [A reflection on Isa. 29:13; also Ezek. 33:31, 1 Cor. 1:18-31] c2004 [16.Aug.2010]

•   Church divisions prove that we are still fleshly, still infants. [A reflection on 1 Cor. 3:3] 18.Feb.2004 [31.Mar.2012]

•   Satan uses truth to decorate falsehood. 21.Apr.2004 [11.May.2008]

•   To live, really live, we are to follow YHWH's direction, guidance and instruction-- not for his sake but for our own. [A reflection on Lev. 18:4-5] 24.Apr.2004 [22.Mar.2010]

•   How much of our illness and failure to heal results from sin, or from YHWH's indignation, or from our own folly? [A reflection on Ps. 38:3-5] 24.Jun.2004 [7.Oct.2004]

•   There is no peace in the world. The world offers only trial and tribulation. He who looks to the world for his provision and peace deludes himself. Peace is found only in Jesus, who gives rest in the Father by the work of his Holy Spirit. 16.May.2004 [21.Feb.2010]

•   When YHWH delivered Israel out of Egypt, he did not require sacrifices; only obedience. Sacrifices and burnt offerings were added to atone for disobedience. [a reflection on Jer. 7:22-23] 1.Jun.2004 [21.Jan.2014]

•   The eagle soars high; its eye surveys all movement below.
The mouse sees no danger near; it ventures from its lair.
The great king sees all; his eye pierces a man's heart.
The man sees no danger near; he ventures into the world.
Can the mouse ignore the eagle as it pursues its ways?
Can the man ignore YHWH as he pursues the world's ways?
10.Jun.2004 [6.Dec.2009]]

•   The request of Israel for Gideon to rule them (Judg. 8:22) begins a procession of such requests that reveals how easily many people reject YHWH's rule, even responsibility for their own worldly government, preferring to be ruled by a dictator that they believe is brave, just and beneficent, so that they can remain as children. 16.Jun.2004 [19.Mar.2012]

•   The heresy of Israel's rejecting YHWH by asking for a man to rule them (Judg. 8:22) continues in organized churches' calling of a 'pastor' or 'priest' to rule them. Unfortunately that leads people to fall away when their ruler fails morally. 16.Jun.2004 [25.Mar.2012]

•   Only a holy (perfect, complete, undefiled) person can approach the holy God. No one can achieve that condition apart from Jesus, no matter how good by worldly standards, because YHWH set the standard in Jesus, and only in him can the standard be met. 31.Aug.2004 [14.Oct.2007]

•   Without knowledge of the one true God, people seek security and comfort in what they can see and touch. 2.Sep.2004 [30.Mar.2008]

•   YHWH expects right deeds and behavior from his people, even today. [a reflection on Jer. 7:3-8] 22.Sep.2004 [2.Sep.2004]

•   Divisions among the people of YHWH reflect our inability to hear and obey him. 20.Nov.2004 [18.May.2008]

•   Just as the ark held the two tablets, so our "hearts", our spirits, hold YHWH's torah today. 23.Nov.2004 [11.Jan.2009]

•   We who teach and preach the gospel have a right to worldly payment, but that would diminish our message, so we are not to exercise it; we are to receive our reward in Jesus. [A reflection on 1 Cor. 9:11-18 and Matt. 10:8] 1.Dec.2004 [1.Jul.2012]

•   YHWH's covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were exclusive at the beginning. But just as his covenant requirements expanded, so the covenant's scope expanded and its nature changed, eventually reaching even us gentiles through Jesus. As parents raise a child through its stages of growth, so man's relationship with YHWH has matured. And there is even more in the future. 18.Dec.2004 [10.Sep.2012]

•   We are saints (holy ones) because of Jesus, not our own merit. [a reflection on Phlp. 4:21-22] 24.Jan.2005 [22.Apr.2013]

•   Authority invests the holder with the right to be obeyed (see Num. 27:20, Mark 1:22,27). Power merely gives the holder the means to enforce obedience. A person may have one without the other. Jesus has both and invests his people, as a body, with both. [A note I wrote in my Bible at Matt. 28:18-20] 3.Feb.2005 [13.Jan.2008]

•   Deut. 30:11 is true for those who want to please YHWH rather than try to manipulate him for their own purposes. [A reflection on this verse in light of Deut. 30:9-10] 19.Feb.2005 [18.Sep.2012]

•   The word's being in a person's mouth and even in a person's heart does not assure obedience. A person must also will to obey it. [A reflection on Deut. 30:14] 19.Feb.2005 [24.Sep.2012]

•   Life worth living lies in loving YHWH, obeying him and bring faithful to him. [a reflection on Deut. 30:20] 19.Feb.2005 [5.Mar.2012]

•   We are to work in the world but do not get entangled-- keep our priorities straight and our lives balanced. [Meditation on 2 Tim. 2:4-5] 9.Mar.2005 [22.Oct.2013]

•   YHWH disciplines those he loves. The rest he leaves to the consequences of their choices. 15.Mar.2005 [18.Nov.2007]

•   Luke 14:26-35 tells us that we must devote our lives to YHWH, else we will be a joke and be defeated. 29.Sep.2011 [17.Jun.2017]

•   All substance is merely a form of energy, which itself is merely a manifestation of YHWH's thought, his word (Gk logos). [A reflection on Heb. 11:3] 4.May.2005 [20.Nov.2011]

•   Belief in Jesus is more than a mental activity. It requires obedience, love, true faith (trust), sincere desire to please, and constructive adherence and devotion to YHWH as revealed in Jesus. [A reflection on John 14:12] 25.May.2005 [2.Nov.2008]

•   Loving Jesus means keeping him foremost, at the forefront of the mind. [Reflection on John 14:23 that I recorded in my Bible] 25.May.2005 [8.Jan.2012]

•   How many bitter events result from our own deeds and following our own ways. [A reflection on Jer. 4:18] 31.May.2005 [30.Sep.2012]

•   In John 21:3-6, Simon was returning to his old life, but he caught nothing: his work was to fish for people and do it through Jesus. Without Jesus, he could do nothing. 1.Jun.2005 [4.Jan.2009]

•   Jer. 6:14 quotes pleasant words to cover evil: This same corruption infects church congregations today. 1.Jun.2005 [8.Oct.2012]

•   YHWH's condemnation of false prophecy at Jer. 14:13-14 still applies. People love pleasant words above truth; too many preachers use that weakness to exploit people. 5.Jun.2005 [15.Oct.2012]

•   People still mistake YHWH's grace for favor, either his or another's. [A reflection on Jer. 44:17] 17.Jun.2005 [23.Jul.2012]

•   Carnal men seek to conform others to what they believe, at least partly to confirm what they believe and partly to justify the way they treat others. This is at least part of what motivates Muslims and Hindus to persecute those who accept Jesus. 5.Aug.2005 [6.Jul.2008]

•   All are rebellious, deserving death: YHWH merely treats each according to what fulfills his will for all. [A reflection on Rom. 9:16-18] 14.Aug.2005 [18.Jan.2008]

•   For centuries, YHWH was patient and forbearing with Israel's unfaithfulness, and he has demonstrated the same qualities toward us. [A reflection on Rom. 9:22-24] 14.Aug.2005 [24.Jan.2008]

•   YHWH distributes his gifts and honor to prevent division in the body of Jesus Christ. Human arrogance, rebelliousness and faithlessness have led to the multiple business organizations we see today. [A reflection on 1 Cor. 12:4-26] 31.Aug.2005 [23.May.2011]

•   The true church is not divided; only the organizations that call themselves "church". Their division may be YHWH's will. [A reflection on 1 Cor. 12:25] 31.Aug.2005 [29.May.2011]

•   We are to renounce the shameful past, not justify our acts by adulterating YHWH's word, as "gays" and liberal churches do today. [A note I wrote in my Bible at 2 Cor. 4:2] 6.Sep.2005 [29.Mar.2009]

•   Jews (in fact, all of Israel) were to "season" and preserve all men by leading them to YHWH, but they lost their taste for him and obeying him and became "tasteless" themselves. They were to light the way to YHWH (Isa. 42:6, 49:6), but they buried their light in religion, claiming it as their own. [My understanding of what Jesus was telling the Jews in Matt. 5:13-15] 6.Dec.2005 [30.Jul.2012]

•   YHWH is glorified (not us) when we do things to please him and do them in secret. [A reflection on Matt. 6:4-6,17-18] 7.Dec.2005

•   The upright rejoice in YHWH's grace and mercy, in all his works. This is wisdom. 8.Dec.2005 [9.Nov.2008]

•   Even today, men and women demand a sign, but they do not believe when they see it. They do not want to give up their dominion and accept YHWH as king-- this is evil. [A reflection on Matt. 12:38-42] 13.Dec.2005 [28.Mar.2010]

•   Unbelievers ask for signs, but YHWH gives signs and they dismiss them. This is as true today as it was 2000 years ago. [A reflection on Matt. 16:1-4] 17.Dec.2005 [1.Jun.2016]

•   What YHWH condemns in Jer. 1:16 exists today in works that men put their faith in and worship: both their buildings and their organizations. 26.Feb.2006 [19.Sep.2010]

•   The church suffers the infection described in Jer. 6:13. Instead of giving freely, too many seek money. 1.Mar.2006 [21.Oct.2012]

•   YHWH's wrath is not an emotion, as in humans. It is destruction sent by YHWH to separate men from worldly things and sin. [My margin note on Rom. 3:5, referencing Rom. 4:15, Ezek. 21:31, Matt. 3:7 and Num. 25:11] 2.Apr.2006 [8.Dec.2014]

•   Even though the law was read and explained to them (Neh. 8:5-8), the Jews who returned from exile did not obey-- as if they did not "get it" (Neh. 13). Even today, people sit in church buildings, hear YHWH's word, and return to worldly sin, even those who profess faith in Jesus. [A note I wrote in my Bible at 2 Cor. 3:14] 21.Apr.2006 [20.Jul.2009]

•   'Doctrines of demons' (1 Tim. 4:1) are false teachings, such as those that enrich the proclaimer or justify sin: They have impaired the body almost from the beginning. The lies may change, but the source remains the same. [My margin note for this verse] 11.Jul.2006 [28.Oct.2012]

•   The relationship between YHWH and his people was external in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, and could be forced (e.g., 2 Chr. 34:33). In Jesus, the relationship has become internal (as promised in Jer. 31:33 and Ezek. 36:26-27). A change of heart, mind and will was not required to serve YHWH in Old Testament time, but that change marks the difference between Jesus' people and people of the world. 5.Nov.2006 [2.Aug.2009]

•   Shiloh was a worship center chosen by YHWH until David's time. Its destruction (Jer. 7:12, Ps. 78:60) evidences that YHWH replaces worship places, especially when corrupted or defiled. After Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit, YHWH chose no place but the hearts of those born of the Spirit and devoted to YHWH through Jesus. 12.Nov.2006 [18.Nov.2012]

•   Jer. 15:6 speaks to the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) and all revisionists who seek to jusify sin and reject YHWH's authority and the Bible. 16.Nov.2006 [25.Nov.2012]s

•   Committing forbidden acts and becoming defiled leads to being removed and replaced in the land: A warning to the United States. [A reflection on Lev. 18:24-25.] 24.Feb.2007 [4.Apr.2010]

•   As early as Paul, false teaching and deception were spreading within the Church, even as they do today, to justify and even encourage unrighteous conduct. 26.Mar.2007 [12.Aug.2013]

•   When we put YHWH on the throne of our lives, his reign grows and produces a rich harvest in, with and through us. 8.Jul.2007 [7.Nov.2014]

•   Remembering YHWH and what he has done is just as important for us today as for Israel thousands of years ago. It enables having faith and being faithful. [A reflection on Deut. 7:18-19a, 8:18-19] 28.Nov.2007 [18.Apr.2010]

•   Even the most harmless and innocuous of worldly pleasures can become sin when they displease YHWH, when they replace YHWH in our thoughts and affections, when they separate us from him. 12.Dec.2007 [25.May.2008]

•   Jesus accepts us in his service no matter how weak our love of him. [A reflection on Jesus' instruction to "tend my sheep" in John 21:17, after Peter's third affirmation of his affection for Jesus] 17.Feb.2008 [16.Nov.2008]

•   Too many today ignore YHWH because they do not hear him or see the work of his hand. [a meditation on Isa. 57:11] 1.Mar.2008 [29.Apr.2013]

•   Righteous living consists of doing right things and speaking right words. Doing righteous deeds without telling about YHWH's gracious lovingkindness in Jesus glorifies only the actor, while telling the good news of how Jesus changes lives without doing what pleases the Father makes the message a lie. 20.Apr.2008 [23.Nov.2008]

•   Ex. 23:14-17 lists three feasts: Passover (unleavened bread), harvest (first fruits, Pentecost) and ingathering (booths). The prophecy in Zech. 14:16 speaks only of the time when Passover and Pentecost have been fulfilled by the gifts of Jesus and the Holy Spirit: We are now being gathered in. [A reflection on the prophet's failure to mention Passover and Pentecost in this and the following passages.] 1.Jun.2008 [10.Jun.2012]

•   "Evil" is that which seeks its own. "Good" is that which serves YHWH and others. 2.Oct.2008 [30.Nov.2008]

•   Between the hammer of desire and the anvil of consequences, a person's life takes shape. 16.Dec.2008 [24.May.2009]

•   Until we have declared Jesus to everyone, the end will not come. This is the goal of the true Church. [a reflection on Mark 13:10 and Matt.24:14] 20.Dec.2008 [5.Jul.2009]

•   Just like the temple called by YHWH's name, our being called by Jesus' name means we belong to him and make his name known. [A reflection on 2 Chr. 6:33] 9.Jan.2009 [14.Feb.2010]

•   The younger son in Jesus' parable treats his father as if dead, just as too many Jews in Jesus' day treated YHWH and as many Christians do today, seeking his wealth but not his rule over their lives, walking away from him. But the loving Father waits patiently for their return and rejoices when they do. [A reflection on Luke 15:11-32] 2.Feb.2009 [29.Nov.2009]

•   To the foolish, pretty speech with empty words sounds wise. 29.Mar.2009 [31.May.2009]

•   Jesus saves (delivers, redeems, protects) from sins by making people whole, so that they do not sin but become truly holy. [My understanding of the import of Matt. 1:21] 23.Oct.2009 [3.Dec.2012]

•   A man who buys trusting only in pleasing words and a friendly smile pays twice. 29.Mar.2009 [25.Oct.2009]

•   The fool values change regardless of consequences; but the wise prepare for earthquakes and hurricanes. 29.Mar.2009 [12.Oct.2009]

•   The flea is an unwelcome guest that steals to feed; the cockroach feeds in the dark but flees in the light; the Godly are welcome and feed at the master's table. 30.Mar.2009 [4.Nov.2009]

•   Jesus carried our iniquity to the cross, another solitary place. He now carries our iniquities to heaven each time we confess-- as a permanent scapegoat not just an annual one. [a reflection on Lev. 16:21-22] 30.Apr.2009 [28.Feb.2010]

•   A wise man secures his house against the coming hurricane, but the fool watches the waves churned up by the storm. 14.May.2009 [26.Jul.2009]

•   Those who seek change without considering consequences pursue a pack of wolves that will turn on them. 14.May.2009 [9.Aug.2009]

•   Someone without integrity makes vows easily when trouble attacks but breaks them just as easily when trouble subsides. 14.May.2009 [16.Aug.2009]

•   Someone without integrity speaks boldly to a friendly audience but runs from his own words when confronted. 14.May.2009 [23.Aug.2009]

•   A faithless wife turns on her husband because she cannot have what her neighbor has, but a wife who accepts and encourages her husband reaps many rewards. 14.May.2009 [30.Aug.2009]

•   A man who mistreats his wife and children has a poor return for his efforts, but a man who treats his wife and children with love stores up years of happiness. 14.May.2009 [6.Sep.2009]

•   The immature cry, "me, me, me" and "mine, mine, mine," but those of true worth give freely and value others. 14.May.2009 [13.Sep.2009]

•   Impatience has driven many off the cliff, but the wise take time to seek the counsel of those worth knowing. 14.May.2009 [20.Sep.2009]

•   The counsel of those who seek to please carries a hidden cost, but Godly counsel enriches and restores. 14.May.2009 [27.Sep.2009]

•   Wearing a cowboy hat does not make one a cowboy, but Godly people reveal their integrity by their deeds, as well as their words. 26.Jul.2009 [5.Oct.2009]

•   Praise given too quickly leads to regret and shame, but respect for others earns regard from YHWH. 4.Nov.2009 [15.Nov.2009]

•   Legalism and rituals cannot transform hearts. [A reflection on Luke 5:36] 18.Nov.2009 [22.Nov.2009]

•   We evidence love by caring about someone or some thing. The more we care, the more we love. Agape love adds a desire to take care of another person without thought of return. Agape love gives and does not demand, sacrifices but does not suffer. 16.Jan.2010 [24.Jan.2010]

•   Healthy, rewarding relationships depend on mutual love. When agape love prevails, the relationship thrives. 16.Jan.2010 [31.Jan.2010]

•   When we find people who have been reborn through Jesus Christ and who enjoy healthy, rewarding relationships with one another, we find the true church. 16.Jan.2010 [8.Feb.2010]

•   Without a ladder, the man cannot repair his roof. Without YHWH, he cannot heal his soul. 19.Jan.2010 [8.Mar.2010]

•   Jesus has removed the veil for all of his people, and his healing (salvation) enables us to enter and approach YHWH. See 1 Pet. 2:4-5. [A reflection on Lev. 21:21-23] 19.Mar.2010 [10.Dec.2012]

•   As gentle, steady rain refreshes the earth and plants upon it, so loving and encouraging words restore the weary soul. 30.Apr.2010 [2.May.2010]

•   Steady rain over a long time recharges the acquifer, but the same volume in a short time produces floods and destruction. 30.Apr.2010 [9.May.2010]

•   Without knowledge, there is no understanding. Without understanding, there is no wisdom. And without wisdom, the man experiences loss and pain. 8.Jul.2010 [11.Jul.2010]

•   Courage overcomes fear to confront danger; folly confronts danger without good reason; and wisdom teaches the difference. 15.Jul.2010 [18.Jul.2010]

•   If we have true faith, living faith, we could do many things, even great things, no matter how small we are. [A reflection on Luke 17:6] 13.Sep.2010 [26.Sep.2010]

•   A certain man owned a house that he sought to improve by an addition, and the builders left a hole in the wall that was hard to find, but the mice found the hole and entered the house and defiled and disrupted it. Growing tired of that condition, the man searched out a repairer to find the hole and cover it. Just so, the soul develops holes as it adds more of the world. Who can make it whole but Jesus? 6.Dec.2010 (revised 14.Dec.2010) [12.Dec.2010]

•   The kingdom of YHWH is like a man who had two sons and a factory that provided more than enough for his family. One of his sons sought to please his father by studying the factory's records, processes, manpower needs and finances so that he could make it more profitable by reducing the workforce and improving the equipment. The other son worked in the factory at every job, side by side with the workers, getting to know them and their needs, so that they would perform better for his father and suggest their own improvements. When it came time to retire and appoint one of his sons to lead the factory, he chose the second. 15.Dec. 2010 [20.Dec.2010]

•   The kingdom of YHWH is like a man who owned a farm with many cattle. He knew every one by name and checked them daily to keep them safe and healthy. When any were missing, he hunted through the woods and swamp until he found it. But when one got outside the fence, and wandered on the highway, and was killed by a passing vehicle before he could recover it, he burned it. 17.Dec.10 [26.Dec.2010]

•   We cannot know the things of YHWH by earthly means. He hides them in plain sight, and earthly wisdom discards them, casting aside the precious to store up the dross. Only as the Holy Spirit removes the earthly veil from our eyes, the thick film of earthly pursuits, can we perceive what is precious, good and true. 4.Sep.2011 [17.Dec.2012]

•   Each of us is to carry his/her own weight, support himself/herself, and travel light. This does not mean we cannot seek help from others, but each is responsible for himself/herself. [Margin note I wrote at Luke 14:27] 29.Sep.2011, 6.Dec.2016 [17.Jul.2017]

•   Jesus opens the eyes of those willing to see the truth. Those who think they know what is true and are not willing to have their spiritual eyes opened remain blind and dead in their sin. [A reflection on John 9:39] 1.Dec.2011 [1.Sep.2013]

•   In the same way and for the same reason that sons of Levi were given to Aaron, so gifts of the Spirit are given to us-- not for our benefit or ownership but to serve YHWH. [A reflection on Num. 3:9] 8.Feb.2012 [27.Dec.2012]

•   Wisdom is a treasure many value but few seek; and the fool rejects it to do as he pleases. 28.Jun.2012 [9.Jul.2012]

•   The wise father does not allow his children to run wild; the wise mother does not reward them for bad behavior. 1.Jul.2012 [15.Jul.2012]

•   The wicked take advantage of others' generosity; they swill evil and rejoice in filth. The righteous give even themselves to please YHWH; they drink virtue and rejoice in holiness. 7.Aug.2012 [5.Nov.2012]

•   The good news of Jesus is in Jesus and is Jesus. 12.Feb.2013 [23.Mar.2013]

•   A king may live in a palace and a man may make a house his home, but YHWH decides how long for each. 9.Mar.2013 [16.Mar.2013]

•   From an abundance of acorns, many oaks may sprout, but only the strongest remain. 9.Mar.2013 [13.Apr.2013]

•   A pear tree that flowers but bears no fruit is poorly named. So is one called Christian who bears little fruit. 9.Mar.2013 [28.May.2013]

•   In the body of Jesus Christ, some have faith to speak boldly, some have faith to evangelize, some have faith to heal, others have faith to command spirits, still others faith to pray, faith to wait upon YHWH, faith to serve in small ways. Not all faith is the same, but all deeds of faith glorify and please the Father. All are given a measure of faith. We are called not to judge anyone's faith but to encourage them in their faith. 12.Mar.2013 [30.Mar.2013]

•   When we receive the Holy Spirit that he promises in Mt. 11:13, Jesus expects us to shine forth, glorifying YHWH through his presence in us. 18.Mar.2013 [7.Apr.2013]

•   We live in the day of YHWH but squander what he would do with us. We fail to reach the lost because we prefer soft cushions. We fail to heal the sick and lame because we lack faith. And faithfulness is a foreign commodity. If he were man, our Father would grieve and groan while watching what his children value and pursue. 1.Apr.2013 [6.May.2013]

•   Even under the new covenant, Jesus expects us to listen to, to heed, to obey, YHWH's voice (e.g., John 14:15, 15:10), which he enables us to hear by the gift of the Holy Spirit. [a meditation on Jer. 11.4,7] 16.May.2013 [20.May.2013]

•   All men and women want to be valued. When we make others feel appreciated, approved, respected, loved, encouraged, comforted, welcome, wanted, we give them value. Is this not Jesus' way and his work in us? [result of meditation on 1 John 2] 24.Sep.2013 [14.Oct.2013]

•   The man who follows a spendthrift wife places chains of debt on his soul. 23.Nov.2015 [23.Nov.2015]

•   The man who does not treasure a good wife dishonors the treasure YHWH has given him. 23.Nov.2015 [2.Dec.2015]

•   The man who seeks to rule by challenging one who truly leads reaps disrespect and dishonor. 23.Nov.2015 [10.Dec.2015]

•   A man's wisdom lies not in many words but in the conduct that reflects his words. 23.Nov.2015 [16.Dec.2015]

•   One who sets an example leads truly while one who merely talks lives a lie. 23.Nov.2015 [22.Dec.2015]

•   Charity consists not just in giving but in caring about the one receiving. 23.Nov.2015 [28.Dec.2015]

•   Living a full life lies not in many and varied activities but in doing what pleases YHWH. 23.Nov.2015 [20.Jan.2016]

•   The more people pretend, the more their being fades into shadow. 23.Nov.2015 [26.Jan.2016]

•   A wise man knows his abilities and does not grasp what is beyond, but the fool rushes forward without knowing that traps fill the way ahead. 23.Nov.2015 [3.Feb.2016]

•   A fool who inherits much soon proves to be benefactor of the shrewd. 26.Nov.2015 [9.Feb.2016]

•   One who is grateful for what YHWH provides lives in abundance, luxury and peace of mind. 26.Nov.2015 [16.Feb.2016]

•   Popularity seduces a fool to sell his soul for more while the wise seek true friends and fellowship. 26.Nov.2015 [23.Feb.2016]

•   One whose heart turns to greed soon learns that what shines and glitters consumes instead. 26.Nov.2015 [12.Jul.2016]

•   All life is a gift from the Father above, and the life of one who gives is a gift to Him. 26.Nov.2015 [18.Jul.2016]

•   A wise man thanks YHWH in the midst of adversity, because he knows who will deliver him. 26.Nov.2015 [2.Aug.2016]

•   One seeking wisdom in empty counsel trades in the commodity of fools. 26.Nov.2015 [23.Aug.2016]

•   A king seeking to increase his domain while failing to test his counselors has only himself to blame when destruction comes. 26.Nov.2015 [2.Sep.2016]

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*YHWH or YHVH is the English representation of the four Hebrew letters that spell the name of the God of the Bible, the one true, living God worshipped by Jews and Christians. YHWH was the name by which he identified himself to Moses in Ex. 3:14. According to references that I've read, the exact pronunciation of YHWH's name was lost in antiquity. After much study, I prefer to pronounce the name "Yahu-wah" (the "h" being aspirated as in "hay", emphasis on the last syllable), but the generally accepted pronounciation in common English is "Yah-weh" or "Yah-way". Some translations of the Bible, such as the KJV and NASB, substitute "the LORD" for his name, following a practice begun before Jesus' birth.

YHWH revealed himself in various ways to the children of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament. He also revealed himself in and through his son Jesus Christ and acts, among other ways, in and through Christians by the Holy Spirit. Because the word "God" is being used today to designate all kinds of human inventions, although accepted for centuries in English as a name for YHWH, I prefer to use the name that YHWH chose for himself rather than "God" or "the LORD" as I did in early versions of my writings. Please read The Name of the One True, Living God for a fuller discussion.

Remember who He is and whose you are

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