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LORD's Law
Jesus Christ is Lord, and the Lord's law is written on the heart

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Warning to a Great Nation

Offered to the body of Jesus Christ, 2010
by David W. Eckman at lordslaw.com

Your enemy will destroy you from within, the corrupton of gratified desire. Listen to my words and be wise. Does the hawk circle for pleasure? Does the snake venture forth without purpose? Even so, the evil in your hearts churns and cannot rest.

But like rot covered with paint, it spreads and destroys. It weakens you and will consume you. Degradation and shame follow. Will you continue to pursue your desires, set your values above mine? Will you pursue injustice and justify evil and greed? Or will you turn to me in truth, practice justice and serve me humbly?

A nation does not die slowly, as a man dies of old age. It dies from disease and violence, the disease of its corruptions, the violence it begets. Will this be your end? Choose wisely, great nation.

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*YHWH or YHVH is the English representation of the four Hebrew letters that spell the name of the God of the Bible, the one true, living God worshipped by Jews and Christians. YHWH was the name by which he identified himself to Moses in Ex. 3:14. According to references that I've read, the exact pronunciation of YHWH's name was lost in antiquity. After much study, I prefer to pronounce the name "Yahu-wah" (the "h" being aspirated as in "hay", emphasis on the last syllable), but the generally accepted pronounciation in common English is "Yah-weh" or "Yah-way". Some translations of the Bible, such as the KJV and NASB, substitute "the LORD" for his name, following a practice begun before Jesus' birth.

YHWH revealed himself in various ways to the children of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament. He also revealed himself in and through his son Jesus Christ and acts, among other ways, in and through Christians by the Holy Spirit. Because the word "God" is being used today to designate all kinds of human inventions, although accepted for centuries in English as a name for YHWH, I prefer to use the name that YHWH chose for himself rather than "God" or "the LORD" as I did in early versions of my writings. Please read The Name of the One True, Living God for a fuller discussion.

Remember who He is and whose you are

Received 10.Oct.2009, published 9.May.2010