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First Message to Church of the Redeemer

Offered to the body of Jesus Christ, 2008-2011
by David W. Eckman at lordslaw.com
[This is the first message that I believe YHWH* put in my mind to give to the Church of the Redeemer, an Episcopal church in the Eastwood area of Houston that my wife and I were visiting because of its reputation as a charismatic church. I recorded the message over some period of time ending July 14, 1983, and delivered it to the head ministers and a couple others in authority some time after that, but I did not have the courage to do it right away. Since Redeemer's internal affairs were never discussed by its members, we had no knowledge of the matters addressed in this message. In a letter with the message delivered to Redeemer June 12, 1984, I stated that I heard a voice giving me this message, but what I actually "heard" were the thoughts I've come to recognize as words from YHWH, although I'm never confident that all of the thoughts are from him. As I remember, the thoughts did not come at the same time but over a period of days, maybe weeks. I was told later by someone with inside knowledge that portions of this message had been delivered in prior prophecies.]

My children, listen to the words I speak to you through my servant David:

You have strayed from me like lost sheep and have sought to do your own will and call it mine. I call you now to return to me, for I am the Lord your God. You have been given a glorious heritage and have allowed it to slip away. Was it not my spirit that led this body to glory in my kingdom? Was it not my spirit that spoke to the body and restored it in this very place? How, then, have you allowed ruin to set in? As silver that is tarnished, you reflect but poorly my glory, my peace, my joy and my love.

What were you thinking when you organized in the manner of men the work into which I led you? Did you have so little faith in me that you could not trust my spirit to lead you in all things? And what leads you now? Surely it is not me. For my followers are not hard-hearted toward anyone and harbor no ill will or enmity toward anyone. My followers open their arms with gladness and greet each other with blessings of peace and love. They pass no judgment on others' acts or words and do not cloister themselves with those who comfort them. Who, then, leads you? You know not who you follow, but if you would follow me, you must do so on my terms. Seek me in all things. Be patient, and let me work through those who honestly receive me. Do not you raise up your own leaders. Let me raise up leaders for you. Do not you decide what will be done and when. If you do not hear my guidance, listen more carefully. Wait upon me in all things, for I am the Lord your God, and you shall have no others.

My dearest children, like the children of Israel, you have gone astray and pursued the ways of the world. You have looked upon your former glory with an aching desire, as if it were yours to claim, and in that looking, have turned your eyes from me, for I am not with the dead. You have looked among men for a savior and found none, for there is none. When you did not hear me, you sought to pretend my presence and, even worse, my guidance. You have raised up an organization that replaces my leadership. Why have you done this? Do you not know that my church is not an organization but is a body, and Jesus is its head? Where do you learn that you are to organize yourselves? The body that has my anointing does not need men's organizations. It needs only members, limbs and organs, to fulfill its needs. As I have arranged the body of man into a wondrous organism, so will I call you together in the fashion that will serve me best. Each of you is to perform the work that I call you to perform, when I call you. In this way, the needs of the body shall be met.

You have organized what you call ministries. Did I ordain them? I call you to serve, and I have but one ministry, and that is to call all my children into my fold, into the same love and trust, the same instruction and learning, the same nourishing blessing that exists between a loving father and his child. For I am your father, and you have been called already. You have been like a precious oil, fragrant and sweet, loving to serve me. Therein lies your glory, and for that reason am I firm with you, because I love you and have a great work for you. If you would do that work and become a beacon to my church, attend to me and my words. Come to me now and hear.

If you have not unity among you on anything you ask of me, if you do not agree on what you hear, then you must pray and seek me more earnestly. If those who are to discern my will, or any twelve of you, agree without argument and reasoning, then it shall be as you hear, but let each be honest and receive my answer separately, for it is blasphemy to do otherwise. Seek unity, not in the way of other men, but through my guidance and the leading of my spirit. Know that I am with you always and will show you the way. Receive me into your hearts, into your souls, into everything you do. Know that you cannot be about my work if you cannot follow me in all things and if you will not trust me for your daily needs.

There are among you leaders that I will raise up. You will know them by their fruits. You will know my hand upon them by the things they say and the works they do. But I will do this only if you seek me and submit yourselves to my will. Those of you who have exalted places, who are called leaders now, examine yourselves and ask if I raised you up. Do you receive my prophecies like wine from a jar? Or do my words pour forth like honey from your lips? Do you honor me by your life and ascribe to me all glory and praise? Am I foremost in your mind and on your tongue? If my hand is upon you, the body will know. Attend, therefore, what I say.

Your leaders shall be as white cloths, hung in the sun to dry. They shall hold no secrets. They shall be burnt by the cleansing fire of my spirit. They shall not be afraid to speak boldly in my defense and in my service. They shall not be ashamed of the gifts I have given them. And they shall not puff up with pride and arrogance when called but shall come before me humbly in prayer and submission. If they do not praise me and give thanks to me in all things, if they do not encourage the body to turn to me for all guidance, if they do not surrender their daily lives to me and serve the body humbly and with love, beware. For my hand will not be upon them.

My children, free your hearts from their hardness. Uncover your bitterness, and let me wash it away. Repent of your wilfulness. You will not like to hear these words, but you must if this body is to survive and grow. There is an anger and resentment among you that must be cleansed. There is even despair and hopelessness in some. These are not from me. They are born of your own attachment to the world. Give me all you have and all that you are, and I will remake you. Let me be your master and give you leaders to serve under me.

This body suffers the poison of authority, an unhealthy concern with who is in charge. If I am not in charge, what else matters? There is none among you who can save you. I am your redeemer. But you must seek me and my will and have faith in me. Where are you, my children? Where are you going? I seek you, but you hide your face. For what? I know your hearts and minds. Now, know mine.

I have visions and dreams for you, prophecies and learning, healing and wisdom. Let me pour them out. Receive my spirit in love and quiet humility. When you sing and worship and when you pray, take time to be still and let me speak. And if you do not hear me at first, continue but again give time for my presence among you. I would raise this body from its sickbed, even from death. But you must be willing. And you must be bold in all the gifts I have given you. I would speak through you and sing through you and pour out healing upon you. But you must receive, and like worthy vessels, place these gifts where others may partake. Or else you will lose them.

Come to me, my children. Put me first in your lives, in everything you do, all day long. Sing to me songs of gladness. Put your worry and your self-concern behind you, and come to me for the sweet water of my redemption, for the oil of my peace, and for the joy of my service. Be my people, and let me be your God. Even as my beloved son showed you how to live with complete faith in me, so you show others. Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by my name. You are mine.

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*YHWH or YHVH is the English representation of the four Hebrew letters that spell the name of the God of the Bible, the one true, living God worshipped by Jews and Christians. YHWH was the name by which he identified himself to Moses in Ex. 3:14. According to references that I've read, the exact pronunciation of YHWH's name was lost in antiquity. After much study, I prefer to pronounce the name "Yahu-wah" (the "h" being aspirated as in "hay", emphasis on the last syllable), but the generally accepted pronounciation in common English is "Yah-weh" or "Yah-way". Some translations of the Bible, such as the KJV and NASB, substitute "the LORD" for his name, following a practice begun before Jesus' birth.

YHWH revealed himself in various ways to the children of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament. He also revealed himself in and through his son Jesus Christ and acts, among other ways, in and through Christians by the Holy Spirit. Because the word "God" is being used today to designate all kinds of human inventions, although accepted for centuries in English as a name for YHWH, I prefer to use the name that YHWH chose for himself rather than "God" or "the LORD" as I did in early versions of my writings. Please read The Name of the One True, Living God for a fuller discussion.

Remember who He is and whose you are

Record finished 14.Jul.1983; publ. 15.Nov.2008, intro. rev. 26.Feb.2011